Another new outfitting project for Avà, a lounge bar with restaurant in the heart of Sicily: Lumiere.

Upon entering the room, the eye immediately falls on the back wall which is furnished with a large “wine library” in the clear style of the designer Marcello Scarantino.
Deconstructing the elements is the reason for the existance of the wine wall, the play of the double material emphasizes the deconstructed forms rendering it minimal but at the same time dynamic.
It is a skilful play of crossed birch boards that invade the wall in such a way as to leave spaces that become the lodgings of the finest wine bottles.
This wooden element splits and becomes completely transparent in methacrylate at a different height, giving hightened three-dimensionality to the display but also, much more functional, the second point of support for the bottles.
It's a feature that undoubtedly makes a great contribution to the interior design of the venue.

Following exactly the same style, we also find a large black partition that runs the entire length of the room. A membrane that divides the Lounge area from the restaurant area, always maintaining a single language. Entirely painted in matte black, the large partition strongly recalls the deconstructed play of the wine rack, underlining the identity of the place.

Inside the bar counter, for the exclusive use of the barman, transparent plexiglass shelves provide storage for the cocktail bottles, illuminated by white LED lights. Creating a feeling of lightness, as if the bottles were floating in the air. A minimalist display consistent with the expression of Marcello Scarantino by Avà.