The passion for design gave life to Avà in 2007.
Marcello Scarantino thus founded his company dedicating it primarily to the study and creation of design objects in methacrylate, with an instantly recognizable modern and organic style.
Over the years, creating furnishing elements using the transparency of plexiglass panels became the trademark of Avà, which increasingly specializes in the concept of "bespoke design".
Designing objects of various forms on request, always keeping as a cornerstone the use of the transparency of methacrylate dedicated to décor and ambitious projects of interior design.

The concept of evolution is in the DNA  of Avà, therefore in 2013 a satellite brand was born, DesignPlex, which specializes in the creation of objects specifically designed to aid marketing and commercial activities, creating range of products that offer an ample choice of solutions for patisseries, tobacconists, catering services and much more.
Being present in the global online market is a priority for Avà.
In addition to its official store, Avà is present in the best international platforms, enabling an exponential growth of the company, above all thanks to the quality of the shipping and customer assistance service that has allowed it to gather positive feedback.

The continuous research and development activities, as well as the implementation of new state-of-the-art equipment, lead Avà  to create other brands within the group, each one specialized in a specific sector, also encouraging the use of other materials such as wood, metal or other high-tech materials.

Consequently, in 2020 another two brands were launched, TargheInsegne and LineaEspositori. The first specialized in the DIY creation of plaques, signs and visual marketing products, directly from the site in total autonomy while LineaEspositori establishes itself as a reference point for the creation of wooden or expanded PVC displays, such as new marketing tools and supporting elements for commercial activities.

In 2021 FormeCreative was created, a brand entirely dedicated to high-end design furnishing objects and personalized Interior Design.

Avà is a constantly evolving design company.