Design Line
The crown jewel of the Avà Group, FormeCreative officially entered the market in 2021 to forge a path and lead the way ahead for the entire company.
The FormeCreative brand summarizes years of research and study in designing everyday items, offering a selection of creative objects dedicated to décor.
Design for all, expressing concepts of simplicity and minimalism, aiming in every single object at a “Clean Functionality” which has become the trademark of FormeCreative.

A very important element made available to customers is the personalization of the objects that FormeCreative, puts in the catalog. Reproduction of images on wood or plexiglass, lamps, clocks and even wallpaper is made customizable to give the added value of the "customer's choice" to complete the furnishing plan for which the product is intended.

Accessories for home or office environments make the FormeCreative catalog a journey of design to give an identity to spaces.

FormeCreative is also encourages una professional development in High Design, involving Industrial Design professionals and architects in the creation of objects in order to always guarantee high standards of research and development. A very important feature that makes this brand not only a constant element of growth but also an attractive new focal point for Industrial Design.
Commercial Line