Wanting to amaze the customer, welcome him in the best way and give the best image of oneself, is an inherent quality in the mentality of good entrepreneurs. The need to create a “Cake Wall” for the Feudo San Martino function room in Caltanissetta was manifested with the task assigned to the designer Marcello Scarantino.

An exhibition wall dedicated to the display of wedding cakes, from which the couple will choose for their fateful day.

The design concept of the Feudo San Martino cake wall strongly recalls organic shapes. Entirely made of transparent plexiglass slats of different lengths, which result in a “Wave Motion”, necessary to create the requisite supports for the cakes.

The play of thin, parallel slats and the sinuosity of the forms generated are therefore the backbone of the project. And here is the organic reference to the project, a “Spine” effect that reflects compositional simplicity but at the same time manages to obtain a design of great impact.

Despite being a very large element which occupies the entire wall made available by the client, the choice of transparent plexiglass means that the only real protagonist of the scene is the products on display, thus being a very functional element to support the display of the cakes.