The study of a graphic layout, combined with interior Design is the optimal solution to have a unique rhetoric for each commercial environment.
The project opportunity at “La Corte dei Mori” was very stimulating because it was necessary to consolidate the identity of this prestigious Sicilian location.

The ancient Sicilian farmhouse and courtyard, in rustic stone, houses a function room with typically Mediterranean elements, onto which the work of Avà is grafted. A common thread that accompanies the visitor throughout the farmhouse on account of the  signs, plaques, key rings and various objects in transparent and gold plexiglass, the ever-present emblem, the Moor's heads. A unique means of communication which strengthens the identity of the place, also expressing significant concepts of marketing and customer loyalty to the brand, making them feel they are a part of the places they are visiting.
Not only coordinated graphics for "La corte dei Mori" but also a room designed to kindle emotion, entirely covered in shiny and matte gold, ready to amaze with its timeless glow. Made of polished and brushed gold-colored composite aluminum, the matte and glossy trapezoids lead to a single off-center point where a totally black head is the fulcrum. A desired three-dimensionality, having the effect of attracting the eye of the viewer to the Sicilian object of excellence.