For the design of the lounge area of a well-known company of decorative paints, located in the heart of the showroom, Avà was called upon to play the delicate role of designing an intimate and welcoming area that fully reflected the client's principles and styles.

Marcello Scarantino in this Lounge Bar project aimed to use multiple materials, made to communicate masterfully with each other.
A perfect balance of glossy and matte surfaces and chromatic contrasts which give form to a simple but unique relaxation corner.

Three elements characterize the project; the counter, the shelving and the lighting technology.

The counter is synthesized in a sinuous and soft shape, consisting of white lacquered wood, covered on the front with a studded Chester-style white eco-leather padding, topped by a very light opaque glass counter, subtended by stainless steel supports. Shelves and shelving units in the back, allow an agile, easy and comfortable use of the lounge.

Carrying out not only a practical but also a stylistic function, is the background shelving which also recalls two elements set together with organic and sinuous shapes, made entirely of white plexiglass, framed by a glossy black plexiglass edge. This element emphasizes the concept of movement, breaks the staticity and together with the counter speaks the same language.

To unite the two elements even more, the lighting technology comes into play. Lines of Led Light emphasize the sinuous shapes of the counter and shelving, which, with the alternating RGB shades, create the appropriate atmosphere that a Lounge must have.