A very stimulating project opportunity granted by the Relais Villa Flora in Caltanissetta for its exclusive wine cellar. A project for which the client specifically asked for exclusivity and the absence of time, a place where whoever enters ... is completely immersed in the fascinating world of wine, totally setting aside the outside world.

The phases of preparation of the wine cellar were the key to the success of the project. The study of each single element, followed by the cutting and assembly phase on the construction site, were decisive in making the creation of this space UNIQUE. Delighting with shapes and territoriality ... that was Marcello Scarantino's Design Concept.
When it came to the assembly phase, the precision of the previous steps in the project was of fundamental importance ... that is how it was possible to place every element designed and made to measure for this wine cellar.

Module after module, the geometry of this wine concept can be clearly read. The designer thus revolutionizes the idea of the shelf, no longer the cold vertical element but a dynamic element that envelops visitors, giving them the sensation of being in a truly special place.

This is how the geometry of the winery is defined, all the modular elements are in their place and give life to an innovative dynamism of the wine housing. It recalls the interior of a barrel, but also evokes the ancient libraries. This small “wine library” finds further dynamism in the gash on the top of the shelving, a sign that breaks the mold and gives further character to the project.

The focal point of the "wine library" is the homage to Sicilian wines. The idea of borrowing the "naturally pure" form of Sicily and setting it in the main perspective vanishing point is the pivot of the designer's entire design idea.

Sicily, which becomes a nook for local wine and food excellences, divided by provinces, finely stylized and carved in wood, leave room for a LED light trail that facilitates reading. A dutiful tribute, where the client expressly requested greater emphasis on the Sicilian Territory which accordingly, becomes the keystone of this extraordinary environment.

A unique place for the emotions it manages to stir. With simple gestures, the designer was able to recreate the perfect place to keep in the memory and to embark on a tasting journey. A place where every sinuous line leaves room for the imagination, evoking strong sensations. We thank Villa Flora for choosing us and giving this important opportunity to Avà and Marcello Scarantino.