A structure created to amaze, proposed along the richest bay in the world, that of Dubai. A 270 m skyscraper in steel and crystal in the shape of a "Swan" resting on the water, to be proposed to Fly Emirates, as its headquarters, a utopian project that has got people talking, high up in the company.
The architecture of the skyscraper can be seen perfectly in the two dominant forms, the base and the soaring spire, strongly characterizing elements of the project which in the overall vision give the idea of a crystal swan overlooking the Dubai bay.
An element that we could define as important is the base which offers large terraces and arcades overlooking the water, fifteen floors of terraces that house the most luxurious shopping centres, resorts, and business centres dedicated to the company. On the top floor of the base stucture there is a swimming pool with a panoramic view of the Bay and the city.

The trapezoidal crystal component is surrounded by a palm garden, a native green element which reinforces the organic concept.

Soaring in the sky, up to an altitude of 270 meters high there is a spire grafted on the short side of the base, directly in front of the sea, also an element of steel and glass which comprises in the various floors, luxury hotels, offices and apartments jutting out over the sea, thus being enveloped by one of the most beautiful scenic views of the contemporary era.

A panoramic glass elevator reaches the top of the skyscraper, where we find the company's flagship aircraft, a full-size AirBus A380, suspended in the air. A feature of great amazement, designed to leave anyone who stops under the skyscraper speechless. A restaurant and lounge bar were planned aboard the aircraft floating in the air.

A decidedly ambitious proposal, that of the client, who involved us in this adventure and which, thanks to the collaboration with the designer Marcello Scarantino, was able to propose to the company of the Dubai emirates.
The prototype was designed and built entirely in plexiglass due to the expertise of the technical staff who were able to put the customer's request on paper and then materialize it by working with the plexiglass